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Jun 17, 2021

Why Six Figures is NOT Enough

As men. We often go to great lengths to work our way to new opportunities in hopes of creating that "6-figure income" and receiving the promises that we think it will bring.

  • Lessons -
    1. 6 figures but barely gets to spend time with family and doing the things they love most.
    2. 6 figures but...

Jun 9, 2021


Why your beliefs about money have been holding you back from the wealth you’ve always wanted.


The #1 key that leads to Financial Freedom

Just going to college doesn’t mean you will become financially educated


  1. Define what wealth means to you - Dream 
  2. Learn to have an abundance and a wealth mindset
  3. Take...

May 19, 2021

Why do men disappear?

Honor, Character, Integrity are words we no longer understand

Transparent conversation
If you can then say yes and let your yes be yes
If you can't then SAY NO and let your NO be NO

How we respond to losing
Story: Biz Idea
Recognize What is Ninja Vanish - Villain identity
Realize areas we...

Apr 21, 2021

Who Wants Financial Freedom

  • Dream Struggle Victory
    1. Brandon  
    2. Sammy 


  1. Dream - Open Minded
  2. Brillant in the basics - Go back and listen to Ep.41
  3. You Inc.
    • Multiple checks from somewhere
    • Start a business
    • Mindset 
    • Purpose for prosperity
    • Multiple streams of income 
    • Mastermind!!!
  4. Smart Investing
    • Real...

Apr 15, 2021

  • Story - Sammy & Brandon Money Story
    1. Brandon
    2. Sammy 
  • Lessons -
    • Increase value for increase income
    • Track all your money
    • Pay yourself first
    • Charity & Credit 
    • Legacy & Wealth 
    • Transparency with someone
  • If you had to choose one action item it...